DIY Awnings

Velarium Sunscreen

The Velarium is the perfect solution for DIY instant shade as it is light weight, arrives fully assembled and ready for installation where you need it.


The Velarium comes in standard powder coat colours;  

  • white
  • black
  • natural


Installation guide is downloadable in PDF format.

DIY Awnings


The general wellbeing of a building’s occupants contributes to the cost benefit of sustainable design. Hunter Douglas’ overall shading strategy addresses daylighting, glare control, management of heat gain and general aesthetics. Each plays a key role in improving indoor environmental quality, conserving energy and supporting built environments that are comfortable, healthy, productive, and sustainable.


Exterior building applications have to withstand a wide range of punishing outdoor conditions i.e rain, UV rays, high temperatures, dirt and pollution. The passing of time can also affect the quality, appearance and performance of you exterior sun solution. For this reason, aluminium is the choice for external use, due to it being light weight, durable and availalble in a wide range of attractive finishes.